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Instant Encounters are ready to print and play encounters for your homebrew 5E campaigns. Thanks to this module, you will run epic battles which your players will remember for a long time. Detailed descriptions and scalable challenge rating will allow you to customize the encounters and adjust them to your players’ experience and their characters’ levels. Every monster used in our encounters is represented by a colorful pawn and a 3D miniature (sold separately). They can be printed at home in any number needed for a specific difficulty level. Large maps will bring your battlefields to life, and handy stat cards will let you avoid searching the bestiary during the session.

Instant Encounters: The Dun Mountains Trails consists 3 detailed encounters with three difficulty variants. 

Each encounter includes:

  • detailed description with scaling rules (Low Levels 3-5, Medium Levels 6-9, High Levels: 9-12)
  • monster pawns (prepared to be printed on a4 or letter formats)
  • statistics cards (both SRD and custom ones prepared to be printed on a4 or letter formats)
  • battlemaps with a grid (prepared to be printed on a4, a3, letter and tabloid formats)
  • monster tokens and maps for VTT (PNG and JPG)
  • each monster can be purchased separately as a presupported 3d model.


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