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This is a free sample model from the upcoming Star Scrappers: Battledrill skirmish wargame. Kickstarter launch: 4th August 2020.

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Star Scrappers: Battledrill is a fast-paced  skirmish miniature game which comes in a unique Print3D’n’Play format. All content necessary to play the game is provided in a printable digital form. You don’t need to buy a physical rulebook, miniatures, cards or tokens, everything can be downloaded and printed out at your convenience from STL and PDF files. All 3D models are optimized for the most popular home-use 3D printing machines.

Star Scrappers universe is a space western setting where countless alien species explore the Galaxy in search of wealth and glory. The last interstellar war between Terrons and Hy’drans broke out fifty years ago, now peace treaties are in power. Trade routes are set, civilizations flourish, but a new mysterious source of unlimited power has been discovered - the Hexis crystals. This has started a cascade of events that are going to change the image of the Galaxy.


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